"We are social animals;
we need each other
to feel relaxed and secure.”

"We are social animals;
we need each other
to feel relaxed and secure.”

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Biologically, there's a vast difference between Attraction, Infatuation, and Attachment - we labeled it all as 'Love' and became confused and lonely.

Liat Yakir (Ph.D.) has embarked on a fascinating journey in search of romantic love – that sweet, often elusive and infinitely powerful emotion that most humans strive for. Many have studied it, written about it and even died for it and yet, it appears, we are mostly blind to the essence of love and the importance of hormones, neurons and genes that dictate to us who we’ll fall in love with, and how strongly will we be attached ?

The excess of choice in the digital era causes cognitive over-flow and over-criticism. Therefore, today its even more important to understand the science of love; what stands behind our choices, how to choose the right partner and how to preserve love over time.

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